Welcome to my new blog “Le petit renard”

From the beginning I was wondering how to name my new blog, I was inspired by a lot of things, ideas but after quite sometime I decided to name it “Le petit renard”, i.e ” The little fox”. The image of this cute, probably one of the  most humanized animals, very contradictory personality, sympathize and disturbing, his extreme popularity in French fables…probably made me to chose this character as a companion in my new adventure –  The French pastry and bakery creations.

Starting from 2014, when I first came to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (LCB), one of the most prestigious gastronomic institutions in France, at that time the home of LCB was an old typical Parisian two-store building. Many of us still remember this old building hidden behind Rue de Vaugirard, the longest street inside Paris walls. In early 2016, LCB moved to the new location, along the Seine river, into new contemporary building with the garden on the top roof, with nice cafeteria next to the lobby…The new page of more than hundred-year-old school opened.

In early 2017, after the two pastry courses, I took the first course of bread baking. French bread is the best in the world. In nearly three months, I learnt a lot of things, there were some very hard moments, when we were standing in the kitchen from 8:30 to 22:00, with only one-hour break for lunch. Luckily we didn’t have it much, it was incredibly exhausted but…unforgettable memory.

What I’m going to share with you – only partly what I learnt from LCB, but mostly my own creations, my experience after hundred times of failure or success during the process of mastering my skill. It’s still a long road ahead, but I feel fun, love in doing that! I would be happy if I could surprise you with something new and then if you are brave enough to try,  maybe your turn – to surprise your friends! So let’s do it together!

P.S: Le petit renard is my second blog, my very first one was created in 2012, I named it vietstreetfoods.com with blogspot, where I have different posts about eating experience in Vietnam, mostly street foods, but from time to time I also posted different topics. Unfortunately my first blog is suspended now so I decided to move selectively some posts from that blog to petitrenard. That’s why my new blog has two more categories : My travel story and My foodie story. Hope you can enjoy it together with my Cordon Bleu, my pastry and baking creations. Thank you!