My journey just begins…

It took me two years to realise what I’m going to do next when the interest in the office life was fading away. After quite some time I made my choice. I remember when I first shared my thoughts about taking a pastry course in France, it was a big surprise to everyone, especially at “Le Cordon Bleu”, it surprised more one of my old colleagues who used to live in Paris for decades. And it was a real big turn for me. Why pastry, why baking? As it brought me back to my childhood when my mom, not a good chef at all, loved to make a cake with friends, I was always standing nearby, curiously looked at everything, fingered-licked everything!

In 2014, I came back to Paris, attended a demo class at Le Cordon Bleu. I felt like a kid in the first day to school, the old Le Cordon Bleu was located in quite old house in Paris, hidden in very quiet residential area, the cake that I tasted on that day was not as I expected. Few months later, in June 2015, my journey at Le Cordon Bleu began. To be honest, it was not easy for me, who never ever worked in the kitchen, but that was an awesome experience, unforgettable memories!


I transformed a dusty corridor in my first floor into my “baking studio” just in two weeks, this studio connected with another “relax room”, so now I will be able to spend my time more comfortably to create something “incredible”, to take photos for my blog, and it could be also a place where I will show friends how to be a passionate and hard-working pastry chef and you surely will know how sweet to surprise your loved ones with your creations. So join me and my companion, petit renard (little fox) in this journey, who knows, maybe someone will be the next great pastry chef!


Enjoy, everyone!

Le petit renard


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