Very few things about me…

Firstly, I have unusual name, Nguien, instead of “Y” as commonly accepted in our language, mine is just with “I”. Some people tried to pronounce it like “Ngien”, but actually it pronounces exactly like “Nguyen”. That’s “crazy” idea came from my father, who was a quite well-known novelist before 1975,  he tried to simplify our language, but  sadly he failed, otherwise you might know who is behind these weird “I” !

Secondly, I used to work in marcom and advertising for long enough to understand when I need to step aside for the new comers, and by the way those two giant companies I worked for, they hate each others!

Finally, this blog is not my first one, my first blog is  “Vietstreetfoods”. There was time I was inspired very much by an English blogger who fell in love with street foods in Vietnam, but now I became completely obsessed about French pastry and bakery!

That’s all about me “Le petit renard”!