Palmier (cheese version)

I do yoga almost 5 times a week and after the yoga practice, some of my yoga-mates are always giving to each others some snacks, either they made it at home or buy it somewhere. So as in return I decided to make some palmier with cheese, herbs de Provence and sea salt to treat my classmates!

Palmier (sweet version) was one of my childhood’s favorites, whenever I got some pocket money from my parents, I always bough palmier from the store in my neighborhood. Now I’m happy as I’m able to make it and it’s way much better than those little palmiers of the old days!


Here you go my recipe of palmier with cheese, based on the recipe (sweet version) from my Cordon Bleu school.

Step 1  Mille-feuilles dough 

  • All-purpose flour  500 gr.
  • Salt 10 gr.
  • Butter  75 gr.
  • Water  250 ml.
  • Dusting flour  50 gr.

For the turns (tourage)

  • Butter  300 gr. (dry butter is good, but if you are using a better quality butter – the palmier is more flavorful)

For the filling 

  • Grated cheese 200 gr.
  • Herbs de Provence 5 gr.
  • Sea-salt  2-3 gr.
  • Egg wash  (one egg yolk with one spoon of whipping cream)

Knead all together except the tourage butter, at first speed for 5′ then 10′ at the second speed, until we get very smooth dough. Cover it with film and keep in the fridge overnight. In the same time, we can prepare the tourage butter with either the baking paper or plastic, make 300 gr. of dry butter, or any butter you like, into  thin, square sheet. Keep it in the fridge until next day use.

Next day, put the tourage butter on the dough , cover it as an envelope, then do 5 single turns . We need to do it quick between each turn and put it in the fridge, otherwise the melted butter may cause a trouble, during the turns, we need to dust the surface and the dough, but remember to clean all dusting flour on the dough when we fold it.


After 5 turns, now time to lengthen the dough, to put cheese on it, together with herbs de Provence and a bit of sea-salt,  then fold from two sides into the center, use the egg wash to seal the dough and put it in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours or overnight.


The reason I keep the palmier dough in the fridge as it will help to slice it sharply!

Next day slice the dough into small pieces with the thickness of 1cm. Bake it at 170ºC for 40 minutes.

we need some space in between as palmier will expanded…
Here you go…bake it at 170ºC for 40 minutes until it gets the golden brown…

Same as the original sweet palmier with sugar, the palmier with cheese taste heavenly, especially with a cup of coffee for the breakfast or also for tea time! Enjoy!


P.S: if not cheese, we can replace it with some other filling like tuna or some other savory stuff, up to your imagination!

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