Flavorful sleepless Bangkok (Part 1)

Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok! One of the most popular destinations for tourists from around the world! A flight from Saigon to Bangkok lasts for one hour and 10′, but we may stuck at the immigration counter for more than an hour due to the long queue, then the taxi ride from the airport to downtown (either Silom or Sukhumvit) – another hour or even more during the high traffic hours!

Some people don’t like Bangkok, they have their own judgments: either dirty, messy, touristy, commercial…but I realized Bangkok is rich of different smells! It’s not a negative as this smell is unique, Singapore, Saigon…also have own smell.


Famous Patpong with karaoke clubs, massage parlours…a sin in the eyes of God! 

The smell from Bangkok is indescribable, it’s like a combination of different flavors: from the massage oil, to the fried chicken, grilled fish, spicy salad on the street, or from the heavily perfumed ladies, nicely-dressed, in waiting for customers in Patpong, to the stinky dark water canals around the city! Bangkok really has many things that we may not find in another cities in Asia: the land full of smiles and smells!


Fish cake wrapped in banana leaves, grilled on fire, served with rice – a luncheon…

Thai people really love eating outside, in many foot courts in the shopping malls or supermarkets, or right on the streets, everywhere! The street food here should be a part of the culture and the foods on the sidewalk are often the tastiest! I tried some noodles, I quite like the one at Silom, near to the sky train station Sala Daeng.

I love the grilled chicken, with the sticky rice, before they sell, they put on fire, make it warm, more crunchy on the outside, served with some yummy sauce! I used to buy it, bring back to the hotel.


Noodles stand on Silom, big noodles with pork’s and internal organs, spicy pepper flavor! 

In Bangkok, morning time, the street food vendors seems very active, at certain places, they gather together along the sidewalk like a small market. From homemade sandwich, coffee milk to the porridge with eggs, or spicy salad with rice, fried rice, fried noodles, deep fried banana…big selection!


The owner, a young man, next to his giant container, right on the pavement! 

Sometime it’s not easy to walk through this morning market, crowded, but it’s very interesting to watch how people sell and buy, Thai people seems love those foods like fried eggs, fried noodles or hot porridge for breakfast or maybe for their tea break in the office.


Fried chicken…the owner seems happy with the good sale – not much left! 

Thai people love to enjoy small meals throughout the day, that’s why the variety of street foods in Bangkok is really overwhelming, so many things: from fried chicken to the healthy fruit juice, from tasty grilled sausage to fresh fruits as guava, mango…


Smiling fruit juice vendor prepares for his morning sale! 


I like the way the vendor prepares the pomegranate juice, by squeezing seeds with a special tool!  


Irresistible fish cake, sausage…ready to be grilled, a good supper for night crawlers…


 Fried rice, fried noodles…I love the way they display on banana leaves…


 Deep fried sweets: banana, sweet potato, sesame cake…


Jackfruit vendor in Silom, I love the way he displayed the jackfruit…


Grilled eggs, sticky rice cake…three grilled eggs on the stick amazed me!  


Grilled chicken’s intestines…look like big worms! 


Pancake with egg and some milky sauce! 


Another pancake vendor with sausage! 


The sandwich with egg custard, brown sugar seems popular breakfast for locals. 


Happy smiles of street vendors when they see the camera…

The story about “Sleepless Bangkok” will continue…



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