A peaceful moment in Venice (Part 1)

While making a travel plan, I decided to stay 3 nights in Verona, then I will take a train from Verona to Venice. I’m ok with one hour and half in route, after Venice I’ll go back to my hotel in Verona, and if I like Venice very much, I still can go back the next day.

I didn’t go back to Venice the next day! Yesterday, I was so exhausted with the crowd of visitors  in Venice, and it was not the high season! Venice is unique, very photogenic… People gave different names to this old town – City of masks, City of bridges, City of canals, The Floating City, the Love’s Holy Land…but I would call Venice as “always-overcrowded-old-town-on water”  

a614c-venice_27I want to see Venice in its daily routine life, free of the crowds of tourists.

I arrived to Venice around 8:30 in the morning, the city still in good sleep, very few tourists wandering around the town. I did enjoy a freshly quiet morning, a rare peaceful moment in one of the greatest towns in the world, freely taking photos at any hidden corners.

No map, I just followed people, going through tiny alleys, passing by very old houses, sometime I decided to take another turn, to let me get lost in the middle of nowhere or even stuck in a dead-end. I’d love to show you a Venice still in sleep,  when almost no one on the street-canal, on the bridge, super calm alleys, totally deserted, I did enjoy this moment in Venice.

77013-venice_10Venice still in sleep…

d68ed-venice_1Some early birds…

0bccd-venice_2Only boats, bridges instead of cars and bikes…in this unique city. 

4fde3-venice_3The canal instead of the backyard    

35b03-venice_4The reflection of the building on the mirror-like canal 

ef54a-venice_5The tiny passage between the old naked houses  

57b59-venice_6A souvenir boutique in an old house…  

3fca6-venice_7Can’t imagine how to find the right address in this very easy-to-get-lost town.   

I was surprised when seeing so many small, narrow alleys as a maze, I really had no idea where to go, I just followed the crowd, if there was no one, I followed my instinct, no care wherever I could be heading,  I also saw many tiny tiny boutique hotels in very hidden secret corners, I was wondering, how to find them if we are the first-timers in Venice!

c22e6-venice_8This boat stuck in this narrow canal? Nope – just a parking lot  

08783-venice_9I was the only soul in this deserted passage…

94383-venice_13Rarely to see someone…it was already 10:00 am! 

e03b3-venice_14The peaceful moment along the canals…

3133b-venice_15Unbelievably quiet neighbourhood…

7b904-venice_28Houses very expensive in Venice, even this one could cost you a huge fortune…

822bf-venice_29It was quite warm morning in mid September, these pigeons enjoy a morning bath   

bc3c6-venice_30Sitting on a bench, I was counting how many windows…on this building.    

c61c6-venice_31Time to go to school for kids, I guess! 

775c2-venice_32Bridge after bridge in this city – big, small, old, new, bricks or wood… 

Venice sited on a group of over hundred of small islands, separated by the canals and connected by over 400 of small, big bridges…the water was not very deep, I was told over 1m-1,5 m deep but it could be higher during the high tide. During the low tide, it could be a problem due to the unpleasant smell from the canals.

30566-venice_64Not easy to walk around Venice without map, happy to find this simple wooden bridge  

862b0-venice_66or another wooden bridge next to a lovely house in Venetian style 

4d8b5-veniceWondering this is front or back of the house – should be front! 

27ce9-venice_61The contrast of colours, the architecture, the water reflection make Venice so photogenic

1a78a-venice_62House painting quite interesting here – only in hot colours…

a1043-venice_34or just naked wall with red bricks… 

d2785-venice_35Wondering when was the high tide, the water could rise up to…which level? 

fa367-venice_63These guests were probably waiting for water taxi 

fd5b9-venice_58First saw only the instrument lonely on the ground, then came the musician – ready for a new day! 

261e9-venezia_33Venice’s young inhabitant in Sunday morning…

I did enjoy a short peaceful moment in this incredible town, but later, around 10-11 am I was horrified by a number of visitors coming to Venice. The crowd getting more and more, bigger and bigger, whenever I tried to capture something, someone uninvited will appear on my camera. That was the end of my joy, my pleasure of visiting Venice. I was unable even to move among the crowds and it was mid September, not high season! So I decided no more walk, I take vaporetti – the water bus!  Will be back with another side of Venice!

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