Christmas cakes with Silikomart moulds

People living in Saigon is always fascinating to get Christmas cakes, especially “bûche de Noël” during this holiday season. I remember some of my friends, being extremely busy at work, but never forget to get at least one for family ,or friends or for “réveillon”. In the past we mostly used this word “réveillon”, i.e X-mas party at midnight. Today it seems no one use it anymore! Anyway today I’m here to share our busy day to create X-mas logs or cake by using beautiful moulds from Silikomart.

Preparation for Biscuit Joconde (almond sponge cake) & sirop 

  • Eggs  200 gr.
  • Sugar 50-60 gr.
  • Almond powder  100-140 gr.
  • All purpose flour  40 gr.
  • Cacao powder 40gr.
  • Butter  30 gr. ( I prefer to skip butter)
  • White yolk   120 gr.
  • Sugar  for white yolk   40 gr.

Mix almond powder together with flour, cacao powder, whisk slightly the egg with sugar but beat well the white yolk, add gradually sugar until it got a peak. Add 1/3 of egg and sugar mixture to white yolk, mix delicately then add it to the rest of white yolk. Time to add dry ingredient, mix well. Bake at 200°C for 10 minutes.

Dry ingredient : all purpose flour, almond and cacao powder
mix all dry ingredients
beat well white yolk
add 1/3 of white yolk to the mixture of egg and sugar
then pour it to the rest of white yolk
gradually add dry ingredients to the egg mixture
Bake at 200°C for about 10 minutes

The selection of Silikomart mould is quite good but the mould could cost around 35 up to 40 Euros. From time to time I got some discount due to promotion, I have 4 moulds but with different silicon mats and one of my favorites – tapestry with wood effect.

Chocolate cake made by Silikomart mould with wood effect mat

As I’m using a mould in a log shape, I need to cut sponge cake into different layers with different sizes. First pour the ganache then the first layer of cake, then ganache, then another layer…Don’t forget to absorb the sponge cake with sirup or liquor  sirup, if you like it.

I love to absorb the sponge cake with liquor sirup either Rum or Kirsch
Time to pour the ganache – mixture of whipping cream, dark chocolate, white chocolate and praline (almond paste),

It take at least 10 hours in the freezer or better overnight until the cake is set (mostly frozen) then we are able to take it out from the mould. The longer the cake in the freezer, the shaper the ornament on the cake! Here you go some of my Christmas cakes by using Silikomart moulds.

Dark chocolate cake filled with lemon cream
Milk chocolate with praline (almond paste) filled with cherry cream
Milk chocolate with praline and filled with lemon cream.
White chocolate cake with coco, vanilla flavor filled with cherry cream!
Another chocolate cake…

I’d love to share more in details how to make the cream, how to put it in the mould but I will do it next time, so far enjoy the holiday seasons! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   

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