My only Sunday in Copenhagen

What surprised me the most during my journey from Hamburg to Copenhagen? Our train has been carried across the ocean by the ferry, I try to imagine how big is the ferry but later I realize the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen has a very few cars , 2 or 3 only,  super short compared to other regular trains. Anyway it was like my new discovery in North Europe.

on the ferry to Copenhagen

Arrived to Copenhagen late afternoon, stepping out from the train station – I see the ferries wheels, right in front of me, just across the street. And that’s the Tivoli Garden – the oldest amusement park in the world! I wish I could hear people screaming from there during their rollercoaster riding to motivate myself as my walk from the train station to the hotel is so boring because along the way – only construction sites. The hotel is next to station, but strangely it takes a long walk to get there.

Tivoli garden – in front of Central Station – the oldest amusement park in the world

Next morning, after a good breakfast at the hotel, I decided to take a walk along the river, heading to Nyhavn (i.e new harbor) as my hotel located in South Harbor. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, streets still in sleep but some people already got up for their Sunday sportive activities.

Swimming in the river
Jogging around the harbor

Walking along the harbor, I realized Copenhagen is quite different from many other cities in Europe, probably because of many full of smart, beautiful buildings, representing the unique Denmark’s architecture and it have shaped Copenhagen as the most contemporary city in North Europe – City of Life.

Some residential buildings across the Southern harbor
Commercial complex along my way to Nyhavn, I was sitting to enjoy a beautiful sunshine for a while!
Some office buildings next to the Circle Bridge
The Circle Bridge, a bridge for bike and pedestrian, by famous architect Olafur Eliasson 

“The Circle” because the bridge consists of five differently sized circular platforms and the beautiful design with the five masts resembles a ship by the quay as a reference to Copenhagen’s shipping history.

And even the wooden bridge for bikers or summer swimmers has been nicely designed at the harbor
The Royal Danish Opera located directly across the harbor from Amalienborg Palace, home the royal family by famous architect Henning Larsen 
The Nyhavn hotel – Nyhavn means new harbor

After a long walk, I finally reached to the Nyhavn – the new harbor, the 17th century waterfront, canal, entertainment district in Copenhagen. The canal is lined by brightly colored old townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants and also harbors many historical wooden ships. The atmosphere here is joyful, during the weekend you can be right in the thick of the crowds!

The new harbor – view from the bridge Inderhavnsbroen 
The architectural style of the colorful houses at Nyhavn is authentic 17th century style

Nyhavn is the most famous street in Copenhagen with the amazing history over 350 years, with a lot of hidden secrets. Nyhavn has a nickname – “The longest bar in Scandinavia” due to the numbers of bars, restaurants, coffee shops along the canal, and many of them open 24 hours a day. In the past , this area used to be a red-light district until the 1960’s when it began a new chapter in their life.

An art student tried to sketch the colorful townhouse along the Nyhavn
Don’t leave Nyhavn without going on a scenic boat cruise along the waterways and canals.

Don’t leave Nyhavn without going on a scenic boat cruise along the waterways and canals. You may hear some stories about the famous fairy-tale author Hans Andersen, who used to live here, in Nyhavn, for 18 years. His fairy tales like – the Emperor’s New Clothes, the Nightingale, the Tin Soldier, the Princess and the Pea, the Snow Queen, the Ugly Duckling and the Little Match Girl…all are my favorite bedtime stories in my childhood.

Busy life at Nyhavn not only in the morning as some restaurants, bars opens 24 hrs a day

If you notice the yellow house Nyhavn 17 on the above photo, in the basement of this house located the world’s oldest tattoo parlour, since 1884 and their most famous client was King Frederik IX! The parlor still opens their door, welcome all visitors these days! Amazing!

Sitting at the canal and admire the atmosphere – a lovely Sunday!

Leaving Nyhavn even before lunch time, I took another walk in the neighborhood nearby, found some playground for kids…Having a quick lunch in some shopping mall and heading back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, as I took the same way, along the harbor, it was surprisingly so deserted, around 4:00 PM!

My simple lunch on the top floor of some mall, I was quite hungry after few hours walk around the harbor!

I didn’t have chance to explore Copenhagen as much as I wish. To be honest, I did expect something more about the City of Life, I have a different picture in my mind, I surely need more time to discover the beauty, the history of Copenhagen, besides my favorite Hans Anderson’s fairy tales or some beautifully designed furniture by Danish artists.

Copenhagen Central Station in early morning

I’m leaving Copenhagen for Oslo next morning, when the city still in dark but station already busy, as always. I didn’t do many things while in Copenhagen, I didn’t see the little mermaid, I didn’t visit Hans Anderson’s souvenir shop, I didn’t take the boat cruise along the canals and I still know very little about Copenhagen, but I don’t regret as I’m sure I will come back there some day! Bye-bye for now, the City of Life!

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