Flan of mascarpone cheese

I have some leftovers from my previous baking in the fridge: some mascarpone, some coffee butter cream, some coffee sirup…I want to clean up,  so first idea came to my mind is to make a flan of mascarpone. From time  to time I do caramel flan but only with eggs, milk…I never try with mascarpone, yogurt or sour cream. So I’m curious how does it taste with some new touch! If it’s good I will do with Greek yogurt or sour cream as I love the sour flavor.

Flan of mascarpone

Step 1  Preparation for caramel 

  • Palm sugar  200 gr ( I prefer palm sugar because its sweetness is light and very flavorful)
  • Water 50 ml
  • Lemon juice 5 ml

First I need to prepare my caramel with palm sugar, using a saucepan or a pan, pouring the palm sugar (or regular sugar) and water  together. I let it boiled without stirring until the caramel begins to take a tan color and bubbles begin to emerge, that will be the right time to stir everything well, remove from heat and add a few drops of lemon so that it does not crystallize. Fill the base of mould with caramel.

Palm sugar
Don’t stir until the caramel begins to take a tan color
I always strain through a sieve while pouring the caramel into the mould
The caramel of palm sugar in my mould

Step 2  Preparation for flan 

  • Egg  8 pcs
  • Mascarpone  300 gr
  • Milk  800 ml
  • Sugar 150-200 gr.
  • Vanilla extract  3-5 ml

Beat in a bowl the eggs and sugar with a whisk until it’s well integrated, add the mascarpone to the mixture,  continue integrating, do use hand mixer if needed, then add the milk and vanilla essence, mixing again. Make sure the mixture is super smooth, but we still need the strainer to pour the mixture into the mould.

Mascarpone at room temperature
Gradually add the cheese to the mixture, stir well and do strain through a sieve
My silicon mould size Ø 19 cm, 7 cm height

With the oven preheated to 180ºC, I place the mould on a baking tray filled with water to half the mould. Bake for about an hour, then reduce to 160ºC  for another 15 up to 20 minutes.

Baking time is more than one hour

Remove the baking tray from the oven and let it cool for few hours, then keep the mould in the fridge for another few hours, but if possible, leave it overnight, before remove the flan from the mould.

After few hours in the fridge – the flan is totally set and easily removed from the mould  by upside down on the plate


Very tasty compared to the regular custard with only eggs and milk

The flan of mascarpone is tasty, the texture is smooth, silky, just a bit thicker than the regular egg custard, by somehow it reminds me of the texture of the soft tofu (!) I like it but now I’m very curious how is the taste if I do with yogurt and sour cream! Will tell you later!


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