Mom and son in baking class

For the first time, I have two special students – Mom and son in my baking class. The young man is still a teenager in his early 13 but it seemed that he has some “serious” interest in baking. I wonder whether it’s his “temporary playtime” during the weekend, especially during the pandemic and his summer vacations or it could be the beginning for a future master chef as he adores Gordon Ramsay! Together with Mom, Đạo, young boy’s name, during our 4-day class, always tried his best to support his Mom in making French baguette, marble sandwich and brioches. It’s simply a whole new world for a young man!

Mom still supervises her son in every action to make sure everything correct

From time to time, I do photograph during the class to capture beautiful moments of my students for the memories! To me, making a good bread or cake is always a big joy, especially with someone sharing same passion, same love! Hopefully, these moments are unforgettable for both of them and it marks the beginning for a young boy in a professional pastry world!

The recipe for the marble sandwich

  1. Bread flour 500gr.
  2. Dry yeast 4gr.
  3. Fermented dough 70gr.
  4. Sugar 50gr.
  5. Salt 10gr.
  6. Egg 25gr.
  7. Milk 350ml.
  8. Butter 50gr.

Marble colors

  1. Green tea 5gr. + 20 ml milk
  2. Cacao powder 7gr. + 20 mi. mil
  3. Sandwich dough for green tea color 200gr.
  4. Sandwich dough for cacao color 200gr.

Baking at 180oC for 30′-35′ in 1000 gr. sandwich mould (don’t forget to preheat the oven)

Mom is helping her very active young son from the simple work…to open a can
or to weigh carefully the fermented dough before adding
Time for Đạo to do on his own
or to discover something new
to learn when the kneading is long enough
when the dough stops sticking to kneading bowl

The recipe for cinnamon buns

  1. Bread flour 500gr.
  2. Dry yeast 4gr.
  3. Fermented dough 60-70gr.
  4. Sugar 100gr.
  5. Salt 10gr.
  6. Butter 125gr.
  7. Egg 4 pcs
  8. Water 125ml.
  9. Vanilla 5ml.

Cinnamon paste

  1. Soft butter 20-30gr.
  2. Cinnamon 5gr-10gr
  3. Sugar 20-30gr.
  4. Raisin 30gr. (optional)

Baking at 180oC for 30-40′ in a desired mould (either rectangular or round shape)

He also tried to mix the color and the dough by hand but machine is surely better
Marble sandwich in the making
Marble sandwich dough

The recipe for brioche with raisin

  1. Bread flour 500gr.
  2. Dry yeast 4gr.
  3. Fermented dough 60-70gr.
  4. Sugar 100gr.
  5. Salt 10gr.
  6. Butter 125gr.
  7. Egg 4 pcs
  8. Water 125ml.
  9. Vanilla 5ml.
  10. Orange liquor 5ml.
  11. Raisin 50gr. (better soak raisin overnight in rum or brandy)

Baking at 180oC for 30-40′

now time to handle different tasks
Like rolling mom better leaves it to son, to the youth
Cinnamon bun in the making by Mom and son!
skillful boy is rolling the dough
Đại does the egg wash for the first time, a bit too much but it’s fine!
His tea break watching Netflix
The dough is ready for the oven after more than 2 hours of proofing
Finally the result for Mom and son after their hard working – the marble sandwich
The brioche with raisin
and the cinnamon topped with sour cream for tasting!
Mom loves to capture the image first
but son prefers to taste it!

Baking for the first time is very interesting experience for the young boy as he witnessed and learnt many new things – kneading, rolling, cutting and especially proofing but surely to enjoy the freshly-baked bread, right from the oven, is heavenly good! So let’s hope the young man will fall in love with baking, pastry so he will be able to create something fabulous in the future! Good start!

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