Dark rye-whole wheat bread

I always prefer to mix different types of flour like whole wheat or rye flour than just simply bread flour, not because they are healthier, tastier but I really want to find out what could be the best proportion when mixing different flours together. Today I tried to mix three: bread flour, whole  wheat and dark rye flour.



One more thing, why I love bread baking? To me, nothing better than a chance to taste the bread right from the oven! So tasty! To be honest, you could do that only at home, when you bake by yourself, to enjoy the full smell of freshly baked bread in your kitchen!

Step  1  Preparation and kneading 

  • Bread flour (type 65)  400 gr.
  • Whole wheat flour  150 gr.
  • Dark rye flour  50 gr.
  • Water  330 gr. (cold water, about under 10°C) (*)
  • Dry yeast  1 gr.
  • Fermented dough (prepared day or two days before, keep in he fridge)  60-70 gr.
  • Salt  9 gr.

(*) It depends on the room temperature and as rule we need to follow – the certain temperature base which includes the ambiance temperature, the temperature of the flour and the water)

Kneading everything together about 8-10′ at first speed, then another 10′ at second speed until the mixture no longer stick to the bowl of mixer, and you can stretch the dough as chewing gum without making any holes. The temperature of the dough should be between 24°C to 27°C.


Step 2  Fermentation & baking 

After kneading do let the dough to rest for 20 minutes than nicely divide the dough into small portions of 230 gr.. Let these small portions to rest for the second time. This time could be the same 20 minutes as the first one or a bit longer. Than make it into small balls or small baguettes. In my case I do small balls to fit my household oven!


The final rest will last for 2 hours at room temperature (ideally 25°C), then bake at 240°C for 15 minutes.


And as I told you nothing better than a bread right from the oven! It smells so good and the outer golden skin is crispy and inside so soft, so flavorful. I wouldn’t say my combination of there flours the best as I probably will adjust a bit for the next baking but for the moment I do enjoy to have a slilce of freshly-baked bread with a flavorful mixture of herbs in olive oil.





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