Coco-choco heaven

Living in Asia, or exactly in South East Asia, coco is something that we see everyday: we drink coconut juice, we create a lot of things with coconut cream, we enjoy many deserts made of coconut meat, we have coconut candy, coconut ice cream and especially coconut dark sauce for cooking, I still remember the coconut oil, it’s smell so good but probably not edible, I guess. So, let’s me try to create a cake with coconut together with choco, to make our life as in heaven!


Step 1  Choco almond Joconde biscuit 

  • Eggs  200 gr.
  • Almod powder  100 gr.
  • Sugar  50 gr.
  • Pastry flour  40 gr.
  • Cocoa powder  5-10 gr.
  • Butter  20 gr.
  • White yolk  120 gr. 
  • Sugar for white yolk  40 gr.

Beat the eggs with sugar then add almond powder, flour, and melted butter. Beat the white yolk then add 40 gr. of sugar gradually. Mix with the first mixture and bake at 160-170°C for about 15 minutes. With the above quantity, we are able to make two rectangular almond sponge cakes with the size of approx. 22 cm x 32 cm and the thickness of 0,4-0,5 cm, but for this cake, I actually need only half, i.e one biscuit is good enough.

Step 2  Milk choco mousse 

  • Whipping cream  100 gr.
  • Dark chocolate  30 gr.
  • White chocolate 30 gr.
  • Whipped cream  150 gr.
  • Sugar for whipped cream 20-30 gr.
  • Gelatine  2 gr.

Melting dark and white chocolate together ( we can simply replace with milk chocolate) in heating whipping cream by bain marie, then add dehydrated and drained gelatin to the mixture, mix well and when it’s cooling down, fold the whipped cream with the mixture of chocolate. There is another way to create a chocolate mousse by adding a “pâte à bomb” (mixture of egg yolk and sirup), I will do it next time.


Step 3  Coco mousse 

  • Coconut cream  200 gr.
  • White chocolate  60 – 70 gr.
  • Vanilla extract  3-4 gr.
  • Gelatine 4 gr.
  • Whipped cream 180 gr.
  • Sugar 30-40 gr. for whipped cream

Bring the coconut cream to boiling or at least 80°C then add the white chocolate , mix well and then add dehydrated and drained gelatin, do add vanilla extract at the end. Let’s it cooling down then fold whipped cream with the mixture of white chocolate and coconut cream.

Step 4  Milk chocolate ganache 

  • Dark chocolate 30 gr.
  • White chocolate 40 gr.
  • Whipping cream 120 gr.
  • Butter 15 gr.
  • Glucose 10-15 gr.

Heating whipping cream by bain marie then add chocolate, butter and glucose, mix well until it’s smooth and shine. The ganache was very shining, smooth but regretfully I had to cover it with cocoa powder later because it didn’t go well with my plan: to create a beautiful ornament on the top of ganache, I hope will show you next time with better execution!

Step 5  Montage 

This time I used the rectangular mold (24 x 12 x 4,5 cm), usually I tried to create 4 layers with the Joconde biscuit, but for this cake I need only two as I would like to try how the cake tastes with less biscuit. One more thing if you like the rum liquor, you can brush the rum sirup on the top of each Joconde biscuit layer.


In the beginning I have another idea to decorate this cake, but when I tried it, it didn’t work in the way I expect, so I have to come up with the idea to cover the surface with cocoa powder and the beautiful fans that I prepared a day before!


I was a bit struggling with the photo-shooting due to the light condition but finally I managed to finish and had a chance to taste the cake I created. I love it, it’s smooth, it’s super tasty due the combination of coconut and choco. It’s definitely a good cake!


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