Brioche d’orange

Saigon is getting very hot and humid these days, it give me a feeling like a storm is coming soon, but by some how it’s still in the forecast. Hot and I really have no any desire to create anything over the last two-three weeks. Today, staying at home so I’m back to my baking studio, I’m making a special brioche – brioche d’orange, inspired by another brioche named Vendéene. I made some changes in the recipe.


Step 1  Brioche dough preparation 

  • Bread flour  500 gr.
  • Fermented dough  120-130 gr. (*)
  • Dry yeast  4 gr.
  • Sugar  100 gr.
  • Eggs  4 (reserve one to add at the end of kneading)
  • Milk  125 ml. ( or just cold water)
  • Butter  125 gr. (do use the best quality butter)
  • Salt 10 gr.
  • Orange confit  75 gr.
  • Cointreau  15 – 20 mi. or other orange flavored liqueur.
  • Vanilla liquide 4 ml.
  • Orange flower water 5 ml.

Fermented dough has been prepared a day before and I keep in the fridge. I got the experience that looking at the fermented dough, I can guess how my brioche will be. A good fermented dough will create a good bread. Back to kneading, please do add the mixture of orange confit soaked in Cointreau and vanilla liquid at the end, just before the   egg that we reserved for “bassinage”. The kneading time is about 15-20′, the first 5′ at the first speed then the rest at the second speed. The dough is sticky but easy to handle after a night in the fridge. I leave the dough at the room temperature for 1 hour, after kneading, then right to the fridge until next day.

(*) Fermented dough: mix 250 gr. of bread flour, 5 gr. salt, 2-3 gr. of dry yeast (dry yeast should be dehydrated with two soup spoons of warm water before adding), 150 ml of water. Let it rest for at least 3-4 hours at room temperature before keep it in the fridge for the next day use. 


Step 2  Baking 

After a night in the fridge, at 3°C, the dough still can rise but slowly, my brioche dough is almost double, it becomes hard, no more sticky, so easy to handle. I prepared two moulds, one big rectangular and the smaller one – round shape. Butter moulds carefully. Now time for dough to rest for at least two hours at the room temperature. Don’t forget the egg wash.

After two hours, the dough is almost double…gently do the second egg wash and to the oven – preheat at 160°C. Bake for 20′ for smaller mould and nearly 50′ for big mould.

Making this brioche, I was inspired by another brioche called Vendéene, still the same recipe but instead of Cointreau, it’s Rum and no orange confit. I prefer this brioche than Vendéene, probably because I love the orange flavor and especially with orange liqueur. The brioche is fantastic, the butter, the orange, very flavorful! It’s really a big award for my hard work!





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