Zebra cheese cake

I just name this cheese cake “My Zebra” or just “Zebra” as I love those stripes that made of two flavors : coffee and vanilla. It was my first cake that I do like this when while ago one of my friends sent me a link where they do demo how to create the stripes. I watched the video and only now when I found that I have a “Philadelphia” in my fridge, I decided to do this “Zebra”.


This cake took more time to do as I need to pour little by little each flavors in order to have the stripes. I did use my scale for better result. I will do it again if I have a chance.

Step 1  Butter cookies crush 

Instead of baking any sponge cake base, I crush dark chocolate butter cookies “St Michel”, adding a bit of melted butter and used it as a cake-base, keep it in the fridge for few hours.

Step 2  Preparation for “sabayon” 

  • Egg yolk  200 gr
  • Sugar  100 gr
  • Water  40 gr
  • Gelatines 8 gr
  • Cream cheese Philadelphia  250 gr.
  • Coffee extract  5-8 gr
  • Vanilla paste 4 gr
  • Whipped cream  400 gr
  • Sugar 60 gr

Boil water with sugar until it reaches 117ºC, slowly pour the sirup into the well-beaten egg yolk, stir well and put it through the sieve. Mix with dehydrated gelatines then gently with the cream cheese. Divide the mixture into two equal parts: one mixed with coffee extract and another one with vanilla.

Whip the cream well with sugar and vanilla, then also divide into two parts: one for sabayon with coffee flavor and another one for sabayon vanilla.


Step 3  The montage 

Pour each flavor into the ring with film (I used the ring of Ø 18 cm) around 50 gr to 60 gr, one after another, I put the ring on the scale to make sure each flavor has the right amount as I wish.

We need to pour it carefully otherwise each mixture could drop on another. Pour two mixtures up to the top of the ring or when all finished. Keep it in the fridge for few hours. Take out the ring and voilà!






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