Apple tart with mascarpone cream

When I still studied at Le Cordon Bleu, we made a lot of tarts, different recipes, some simple, some more complicated…but one of my favorites is the apple tart. Actually this tart is not in the program but I just combined two different recipes. And voilà – my special apple tart with crème Chantilly and mascarpone.

Step 1   Preparation for sweet pastry dough 

  • Flour  200 gr
  • Butter  120 gr
  • Egg  40 gr
  • Powder sugar  50 gr
  • Salt  2 gr
  • Ground almond  25 gr
  • Vanilla  1-2 gr

Mix dry ingredients together then add  egg and later butter (butter should be soft at the room temperature). Knead it well then keep in the fridge. Later with the rolling pin, roll the dough, large enough to cover the the tart ring or mold of ø 20 cm, 2-3 mm thickness. I prefer to bake the tart base first until it gets the light golden color.


Step 2  Preparation for the filling 

It would be the best if the filling can be prepared a day before.

  • Apple  6 pcs
  • Golden raisins 70 gr
  • Cinnamon  5 gr
  • Butter  50 gr
  • Rhum  40 ml
  • Sugar  50-70 gr up to your taste

Dehydrate the raisin in rum. Peel off the apples and slice them, mix with sugar, cinnamon and butter. I prefer to stew the apple for at least one hour and fill the tart base with it when it’s cooling down. I did bake the tart with apple filling for 15 minutes in the oven until the tart gets the golden color and the apple filling – irresistible dark brown.


Step  3  Preparation for the Mascarpone cream 

  • Whipping cream  250 ml
  • Sugar  20-30 gr
  • Vanilla extract  4-5 ml
  • Mascarpone  250 gr

Prepare the Chantilly by whisk well the whipping creme with sugar and vanilla, then stir in the mascarpone. Decorate the tart with this amazing cream and enjoy it!

Note: If the apple filling is sweet you can skip the sugar or add just a little while making the Chantilly! It balance the sweetness between the apple filling and the cream.




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