Pain de mie au lait (Milk sandwich)

I have a passion for baking for quite long time, I love to see how the dough is getting bigger after certain resting time, as it proved that I’m doing good with my dough! I love the golden brown color of the bread in the oven and especially the amazing flavor of freshly-baked bread, spreading all over the kitchen!

I got a sandwich mould long time ago, when I bought a lot of baking stuffs and no idea what to do with them! Until few days back, I tried a recipe I learn from Le Cordon Bleu – pain de mie au lait or milk sandwich, so I’d love to try my sandwich mold for the first time.


Step 1  Preparation for milk sandwich dough 

  • Bread flour  500 gr.  (by Cordon Bleu – you can also use flour T45)
  • Fresh yeast  12 gr.  ( or 3 gr of dry yeast)
  • Sugar  50 gr
  • Salt  10 gr
  • Egg  25 gr
  • Butter  50 gr
  • Milk  390 ml.
  • Fermented dough  150 gr. (I did add fermented dough as I use dry yeast)

Knead all together for about 20-25′. The first 10-15′ at the first speed, then the rest at the second speed, until the dough stops sticking. Transfer to the box and keep at the room temperature for 30′, then keep in the fridge until next day use.

The dough after overnight in the fridge

My sandwich mold is 40 cm long and 10 cm heigh, it’s quite heavy and with lid. I just buttered well the mold, no need any baking sheet at the bottom. And for the sandwich – no egg wash is required!

After one night in the fridge, I divide the dough into 7 balls of 185 gr. equally.
After 2 hours at the room temperature, the dough is almost double.
Bake at 160oC for 35′, the baked sandwich easily comes out from the mould.

The sandwich is super moist, very flavorful. I did enjoy a slice of freshly baked milk sandwich with pineapple jam and with my coffee. It’s simply delicious!


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