Whole grain nutritional bread

During the baking course in Paris, at Le Cordon Bleu, we baked a lot. Different kinds of breads, with different yeasts…I remember not everything, so I’d love to do again – the whole grain nutritional bread with a lot of different seeds that I just got from my nephew in Melbourne.

Whole grain nutritional bread with spreadable cheese and avocado…

What I got is two packs of various seeds : sunflowers kennels, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, chia and linseeds. OK let’s do the whole grain nutritional bread. For this we need to prepare a day before (actually I did prepare even two days before) the poolish, it’s a kind of yeast but quite liquid. So for this bread – not handy kneading! We need KitchenAid!


Preparation for poolish the day before 

  • Mixed grains (poppy seeds, brown and golden linseeds, millet, sunflowers seeds, sesame)  100 gr.
  • Toasted sesame seeds  40 gr.
  • Dark rye flour  40 gr.  (I used whole wheat flour)
  • Water  250 gr.
  • Fresh yeast  0,5 gr. or 2 gr. of dry yeast
The poolish prepared day before

Whole grain dough for kneading 

  • Bread flour  500 gr.
  • Salt  10 gr.
  • Fresh yeast  2,5 gr or 2 gr of dry yeast
  • Fermented dough  100 gr.
  • Poolish that was prepared day before  430 gr.
  • Warm water  220 ml ( around 40oC)

First you add the warm water to the poolish, then flour and finally fermented dough during kneading. The dough after kneading should be at 23-24oC. The kneading time is around 20 minutes.

Dough right after kneading
Dough after a night in the fridge

I actually left my dough in the fridge for two nights as I was busy , so I took it out two days later. It was perfect and now I still need to do shaping. For the shaping I need a lot of  dusting flour because the dough is sticky. I can’t remember how we shaped this bread in Paris, rounded or baguette, I decided to shape like baguette, next time I may do the round shape and cover with sesame. I love the small of toasted sesame. After shaping, I let the dough to rest for 1 hour. And I baked at 200oC for 40 minutes.

This bread is tasty, flavorful due to the toasted sesame.
Love this sandwich with tuna, cherry peppers, tomatoes and japaleño peppers!

Love baking!


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