Swiss roll filled with coffee cream cheese

One of my all time favorite sweets is Swiss roll. I have no idea why, but I always love to create different Swiss rolls with different fillings. Inspired by the famous chocolate cake named Alhambra, I do the hazelnut sacher but rolled it with cream cheese creme with coffee flavor. It was awesome!


Preparation for hazelnut sacher 

  • Egg yolk   90 gr
  • Sugar   80 – 100 gr ( by original recipe 100 gr, but I reduced)
  • Ground hazelnut  60 gr (I used crushed one)
  • Butter  35 gr (melted)
  • All purpose flour  40 gr
  • Cacao powder  20 up to 40 gr  (I go for 20 gr as I found 40gr a bit too much)
  • White yolk  200 gr
  • Sugar for white yolks  50 gr

Beat the egg yolk with sugar. Mix well all dry ingredients (ground hazelnut, cacao powder and flour). Beat the white yolk well, add the sugar gradually. First mix well the egg yolk with white, then dry ingredients and melted butter.  I baked the sacher on the rectangular tray (32 cm x 44 cm) at 180oC for around 10-12 minutes.

Beat the white yolk well and mix with egg yolk also beaten well with sugar
Nicely mix the egg yolk with white…
slowly add the dry mixture – flour, cacao powder and hazelnut
We add the dry mixture in three times, delicately mix each time before adding another…
Spread the mixture evenly on the baking sheet and bake at 180 οC for 10-12′
Here you go – hazelnut sacher…let it cool down for 30′

Preparation for cream cheese creme with coffee flavor 

  • Whipping cream  220 ml
  • Cream cheese 250 gr
  • White chocolate  100 gr
  • Davidoff coffee  5-8 gr (up to your taste)
  • Vanilla 3 gr
  • Gelatine 1 leaf

Heating the whipping cream and add the white chocolate, then coffee, dehydrated gelatine. Mix well but gently. Gradually add the softened cream cheese, we may need the mixer to get the texture super smooth. Keep in the fridge for 30′ before spreading on the hazelnut sacher.

Spread the cream cheese creme all over but not the other end of the cake…
…as the creme may lead when we roll. Use the film to keep the roll shape firmly


I brought the roll cake to my friends. They love it, not only the cream cheese filling with coffee flavor but also the hazelnut sacher texture, as I used crushed hazelnut so we can feel the nut in our mouth. And the coffee flavor with the cream cheese is surely a perfect choice for any sweet!

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