Pound cake

Whenever I have a good quality butter, I always want to do either croissant or…pound cake! The better butter, the more flavorful the pound cake! It’s never wrong! I do love vanilla rum pound cake! It’s very easy to prepare the pound cake at home, but we need good electric mixer as we need to beat the butter together with sugar very smooth and whitening! Ok, here you go the recipe for the pound cake!


Step 1 Preparation for dry ingredients 

  • All purpose or cake flour    390 gr ( or mix 1/3 of all purpose with 2/3 – cake flour)
  • Baking powder  5 gr – up 7 gr
  • Baking soda  2 gr
  • Salt  10 gr ( I do 12 gr as I prefer a bit salty in my cake)
  • Lemon zest 

Mix all together, you can sift all into a big bowl.

Beat well the butter with powder sugar until it’s super smooth

Step 2 Preparation for butter

  • Butter   390 gr
  • Powder sugar    180 gr (up to 500 gr, it depends on your taste)
  • Vanilla   5 – 10 ml
  • Egg  6 pcs 
  • Milk  100- 120 ml  (you can replace with coconut milk, almond milk…)
Add gradually sifted dry ingredients into the batter

Leave the butter at room temperature and beat well, if you would like to do the cream cheese pound cake, you can reduce butter down to 340 gr and add 250 gr cream cheese, cream cheese also at the room temperature, beat well all together until it’s super smooth! Now, add gradually the mixture of eggs and milk into the butter. Don’t forget the vanilla and lemon zest, I added it at the end!

In case you want to do the marble pound cake you can melt 50 gr of dark chocolate and mix with around 200 gr – 300 gr (up to your taste) of pound cake mixture.

Mix some small part of pound cake mixture with 50 gr melted dark chocolate
The mixture of chocolate part
Pour the cake mixture into mould with parchment paper

If you do the marble pound cake with chocolate flavor, when pour the pound cake into the mould, layer by layer, the more layer of chocolate part, the more beautiful the marble, as I don’t like much the bitten part so I did only two layers.

Another pound cake without chocolate, don’t fully fill the mould

Some recipe show you how to create the three layers pound cake: from the bottom – very dark (by adding the cacao powder), the middle – with dark chocolate and the last layer on top – regular pound cake mixture. It looks very nice, but to be honest, I myself don’t like much the very dark part, I do prefer vanilla with rum flavored pound cake! The more rum flavor, the tastier!

The pound cake with chocolate

Step 3 Baking  

Bake the pound cake at 170-180ºC for around 60 minutes or more until the cake is golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

The pound cake with chocolate layers
The vanilla – rum flavored pound cake – my favorite!

It’s quite easy to prepare a good pound cake at home, the most important is to beat well the butter, the butter is super smooth, fluffy and whitened, then add gradually the mixture of egg and milk, beat well again after addition. The butter should be left at the room temperature but still cold, not very soft. If you have a good quality butter, it’s good, but if you still have good vanilla paste or rum, the cake is very tasty!

Here my vanilla rum pound cake with two pigs – the symbol of 2019 in Asia!

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