Russian pirozhki with Japanese curried veggies

I loved Russian pirozhki since I still studied in St Petersburg, I ate it almost every morning as breakfast on my way to the college, super cheap, 10 kopecks per each. There was different choices like deep-fried pirozkhi with meat, with cabbage, eggs …or baked ones. I always ordered two or three pirozhki with a glass of milk coffee. I still remember the smell, the early morning atmosphere in the small store at the corner, on the way to my college, super crowded especially during winter.

Pirozhki are a popular street food and very comfort food in Russia, a stereotypical part of Russian culture.  

Today I actually prepare Russian pirozhki dough by a French recipe from my school in Paris. My French chefs prepare this dough for the sweet cramique with lemon flavor, but I adjust a little bit for my pirozhki by not adding the lemon zest. 

Step 1   Preparation for dough 

  1. Bread flour  250 gr
  2. Salt  5 gr
  3. Sugar  30 gr
  4. Dry yeast  3 gr
  5. Fermented dough  100 gr
  6. Water  105 ml
  7. Egg  1 pc
  8. Butter  100 gr
  9. Egg wash 

Mix all together for about 10′ at the 1st speed and another 8-10′ – at the second speed. Let it rest for about 10′ at the room temperature then keep it in the fridge for the next day use.

The dough after a night in the fridge

Actually I never bake any bread with curry flavor, in French bread-baking recipe book, some famous chef mix curry powder with the dough. I never tried it. So today luckily I have veggies, a box of S&B Golden curry in the fridge, I’d love to make Japanese curried veggies for my Russian pirozhki by using French recipe!! United Nations!

Step 2  Preparation for curried veggies  

  1. Carrot  50 gr. 
  2. Potato 100 gr. 
  3. Pea 50 gr. 
  4. Haricot vert 50 gr. 
  5. Maiz 30 gr. 
  6. Onion 1pc 
  7. S&B Golden curry 20-30 gr. 

Cut everything in small cubes, stir with Golden curry, be careful because the cube of Golden curry is quite salted and spicy so better taste before adding any additional seasoning.


Yummy curried veggies for my Russian pirozhki !

Now time to shaping the pirozhki with filling. I divide the dough into small balls of 80 gr. Fill with some veggies, shape into small baguettes and seal it carefully. Let it rest for final proof for about 1h30′-2h at the room temperature. Don’t forget the egg wash!

Fill with curried veggies, shape into small baguette and seal it…
Let it rest for final proof and bake at 180ºC for 15 minutes
Russian pirozhki with Japanese curried veggies!

I love this combination and what I wish for my next baking is to add cooked egg to the filling, more black pepper…Anyway any filling you like, traditional ones like meat, mushroom, rice or very Russian – cabbage with egg…Enjoy baking!

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