Sourdough dark rye bread

Two weeks ago I decided to make the new sourdough starter, my old one has been kept in the fridge for quite sometime without feeding, so I’m not sure about the quality, on the other hand, I also would love to create the new one. How to make the sourdough starter? You can check my previous post or easily find it on the net. Actually I want to make a sourdough bread with red dragon fruit as it’s trendy now in Saigon, but I still have two packs of dark rye flour, gift from friend, better use it with my only 15 days old sourdough starter. The sourdough bread with the red dragon fruit – next time!


Step 1  Preparation for the Poolish (the sponge) 

  • Sourdough starter 100 gr.
  • Bread flour 100 gr.
  • Filtered or bottled water 100 gr.  

Mix all together at least 12 hours before bread-making or overnight in the room temperature, we need to look after it carefully, don’t leave it over rise.

My poolish after 12 hours at the room temperature

Step 2   Preparation for sourdough bread 

  • The Sponge / Poolish 300 gr (that was prepared earlier) 
  • Bread flour  360 gr.
  • Dark rye four 100 gr.  
  • Water  230 gr. 
  • Vegetable oil 10 gr.
  • Kosher salt 9 gr.
I mix all together  with the poolish
Time to let the dough rest for the first 50′ at room temperature

After the first 50′ rest, you can make the first fold by stretching the dough, gently take one edge of the dough and fold it onto the top. Turn to the opposite side and do in the same way, continue with the other two edges.

the dough after the first hand-kneading and another 50′ rest
after the second  hand-kneading and another  50′ rest

In my case I just knead with hands, it helps me to remember my time at the baking class in Paris, as it took me nearly a day to master myself in hand-kneading! After 3 hours and 30 minutes, time to leave the dough upside down into the proofing basket and keep it in the fridge overnight.

The dough after overnight in the fridge, now down-side up in my Creuset – ready for baking!

Here is the whole process which is last for more than 3 hours and 30 minutes. Mixing all ingredients —-50′ rest—-1st fold—-50′ rest—-2nd fold—-50′ rest —3rd fold —50′ rest—leave it upside down into the proofing basket and keep it in the refrigerator 

Bake at 250°C  for 30 minutes
I’m quite happy with the result as my sourdough starter is just 15 days old
Sourdough dark rye bread by using a 15 day young sourdough starter!


My breakfast this morning with a toasted slice of sourdough dark rye bread! Always enjoy baking!

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