Beautiful marble pattern in pastry & baking

In Vietnam we usually call those beautiful pattern in pastry, like marble, “sơn thuỷ” – it means mountains and waters. I’m not sure whether the word “sơn thuỷ” comes from our famous myth or not (*), but their beauty is always an endless inspiration from generations to generations in the arts. We have quite many pastry creations with these beautiful patterns, always in three specific colors – white (coconut flavor), brown (coffee flavor) and green (pandan leaf flavor). I love these patterns because it’s like a surprise to us as we have no idea how does it look until we slice the cake. I love a nice surprise!

Beautiful patterns remind the mountain and the waters

I keep trying to create these patterns during my baking, especially with pound cake or sandwich loaf. I should try with jelly cake which is very nice due to the water texture. Anyway today I’m sharing the recipe of the “mountain-river-pattern” pound cake, not only of the very good taste but also the beauty of the patterns!

The bottom side of the “marble cake”

Step 1 Preparation for dry ingredients 

  • All purpose or cake flour  390 gr
  • Baking powder  7 gr
  • Baking soda  2 gr
  • Salt  10 -12 gr.

Step 2 Preparation for another ingredients

  • Butter   300 gr
  • Powder sugar   200 gr – 220 gr ( I go for a bit sweeter due to cacao powder in the cake)
  • Egg  6 pcs
  • Milk for green tea mixture 40 ml. (I do replace with whipping cream)
  • Green tea  20 gr.
  • Milk for cacao powder mixture 40 ml.
  • Cacao powder 30-40 gr.
  • Vanilla extract 8-10 ml.
Beat the butter with sugar until smooth, gradually add the egg
Mix the cacao powder with milk
Mix well the green tea with milk
Mix 300-350 gr. of egg batter with the mixture of green tea & milk
The green tea mixture
Mix 400 gr. of egg batter with cacao mixture and put all three together, slightly mix
We can pipe egg, green tea and cacao batter, one by one into the mould, it could give us another nice pattern
Bake at 200oC for 30 minutes then at 180oC for another 20 minutes (it still depends on how big the mould)
Next time I may do more green tea than cacao

Another day I created the same pattern for milk sandwich, it’s quite interesting! I could do it again and again as I love it, to me it looks like the painting!

Marble milk sandwich inspired by some famous brand from Japan – The Grand Marble Sandwich !
The bottom side of the “marble cake”

(*) the Mountain God vs. Lord of the Waters in our famous myth, explains the practice of the tidal irrigation and devastating floods in Vietnam as a result of monsoon.

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