Cheese cake

In June I visited Prague, it was my first time in that beautiful city. I was wondering why I didn’t come to Prague earlier. The city still has something left from the past – the communism, but even at that old time Czechoslovakia was surely one of most “favourite” countries in the East side. Staying right in the heart of the old town, I witnessed the busy night life, I walked around and crossed over the famous stoned bridge everyday…

I tried different traditional delicacies in Prague, I love some, but some – not, just before going back to Paris, my friend, who is the owner of a pastry shop in Prague, took me to another famous bakery shops in town – Bakershop. There I bough their New York cheese cake! It was very very good!  So today I tried to do my first cheese cake.

Next time I will surely figure out how to have the crush of butter cookies up to the edge

I actually used the technique “sabayon au chocolat” that I got from my French Chef at Le Cordon Bleu and then combined with cream cheese to make this cake.

Step 1  Butter cookies crush 

Instead of baking any sponge cake base, I crush butter cookies with sea salt “St Michel”, adding a bit of melted butter and used it as a bottom base for the cheese cake, keep it in the fridge for few hours.

Step 2  Preparation for “sabayon au chocolat blanc” 

  • Egg yolk  200 gr
  • Sugar  100 gr
  • Water  40 gr
  • White chocolat  100 gr
  • Vanilla extract  5 ml
  • Gelatines 5 – 6 gr
  • Cream cheese Philadelphia  250 gr.
  • Whipped cream  150 gr

Mix the water and sugar, make a syrup until it reached 117ºC and slowly pour it into the beaten egg yolk, then nicely mix with melted white chocolate, dehydrated gelatines then gently mix with the cream cheese. Wait until the mixture of cream cheese and sabayon cooling down then add the whipped cream and poor it into the ring of Ø 18 cm with film. Leave the cake in the fridge overnight!


This was my first time to do the cheese cake, I love the taste, but next time I’d love to add probably some lemon zest or try with the coffee cheese cake! Now enjoy!



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