Baguette viennoise

During my “baking” study at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, we did quite many different breads, some was good, some was just ok! Baguette viennoise is one of good milk breads. It’s simple and tastes even better next day, if it has been kept in the good bread container.


Ok, here is the recipe

Step 1  Preparation for the dough 

  • Fine wheat flour T45 or bread flour  250 gr
  • Salt  5gr
  • Fresh yeast  5 gr or dry yeast 1-2 gr
  • Sugar 10gr
  • Egg  01
  • Milk  120 ml
  • Fermented dough  60-70 gr
  • Butter  50 gr

Mix everything together, except the butter as it will be the last one to add, kneading time around 10-15′, first 5-7 minutes at first speed, then the rest at the second speed until the dough stops sticking to the bowl. If you use dry yeast, better dehydrate it with a little bit of warm water (15-20 ml of water at 30oC) and never let the yeast in contact with salt.

The dough is quite sticky, don’t worry, after kneading, let the dough to rest for around 20 minutes at the room temperature, then keep it in the fridge overnight as we will need it for next day!

Step 2   Shaping and resting time 

After dividing the dough into three, each weigh around 170 gr, let the dough to rest for 20 minutes, Shape the dough into three baguette shape, do the egg wash, then this time the resting time around 90-120 minutes at 25oC. Before baking at 200oC for 15 minutes, do the second egg wash.


The baguette viennoise is soft, milky flavor, the taste is getting even better the next day! So do enjoy it with cheese, ham, veggies…for the breakfast! It’s awesome!






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