Gstaad – village for the super rich

One of the reasons I want to visit Gstaad was the Tennis Tournament. To be honest this is not the best tennis show with super stars like Djokovich, Federer, Nadal…it’s just another ATP World Tour 250 (if you are tennis fan, you may know what’s it!) but I was told our super star Roger Federer’s career launched from this small place, and this year they celebrated 100 year anniversary of the tennis tournament in Gstaad!

8d64f-gstaad_9  Gstaad – a favourite winter holiday destination for the high society 

I made a right choice when not staying in Gstaad. Gstaad is a small village but favourite holiday destination for the high society, especially during winter, famous for its winter resorts, considered as one of the largest ski areas in the Alps. Also long known for its walking and hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, the mountain air and ambiance attracts guests year round from around the world.

If Rougemont like a peaceful, charming unspoilt village, where I immediately fall in love with the nature, Gstaad has a total different picture. It’s much more commercial, touristy with its luxury, very costly…

2514b-gstaad_8The promenade – a main road in Gstaad in early morning…

Gstaad probably smaller than Rougemont, I guess. The village has one main road, right in the middle, “Promenade” and it takes me about 30′ to reach from one end to another, it’s bounded by numerous shops, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels. Designer labels including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chopard, Brunello Cucinelli, Prada, Moncler, Ralph Lauren, and Cartier all have stores in Gstaad.

54b89-gstaad_10 Plenty of expensive brand stores in Gstaad 

ebcc5-gstaad_13Here you go the LV store with always the first new arrivals…

bbd70-gstaad_12First day in Gstaad, late afternoon sun, cold breeze, rainbow…  

b3314-gstaad_14Not a high season, and if no any event Gstaad looks very quiet like in the photo…

Gstaad very commercial so without any sport or cultural event I can’t imagine who could live here and I was told Gstaad is just for that! The other times of the year, very very quiet!

425db-gstaad_7Walking along the promenade, found a lovely corner for breakfast…

a49f7-gstaad_3Another typical traditional chalet in this area with the flower in bloom in balcony 

d0df0-gstaad_6The 5 stars hotel in Gstaad, later I recommended to my friends but fully booked! 

I can’t imagine how Gstaad in the winter, covered in snow. I promised to my hotel owner in Rougemont that I will come back sometime in November – December,  I really want it…but better no promise as later I changed my mind. Amsterdam was my choice for the winter holidays!

268ae-gstaad_11A residential area in Gstaad, can’t imagine how much we need to own a chalet like this… 

If in Paris or somewhere else, when pass by any property agent’s shop front window, we can easily see photos of many properties, theirs details and prices but in Gstaad, the agent marked the properties for sale with diamond icons, and no price figures. “We are discreet in Gstaad, the key of our success is that we don’t talk about the prices or people. It’s why the wealthiest come here!”, according to one veteran property agent and developer in Gstaad. That’s like unwritten rule for existing properties, but for the newly-build, the price somewhere between SF 15,000 to SF 50,000 (*) for square meter!


What’s the beauty of the nature surrounding the tennis court in Gstaad…

Back to  my Tennis Tournament in Gstaad, it has been organised since 1915. The ticket costs me nearly 100 Euro per day…and that’s just ATP 250! If you go for bigger tournament, like ATP 1000 or Grand Slam, surely much more expensive, but I have to admit the living cost in such a place like Gstaad – very costly!

I’ve been to the tennis tournament for 2 days from early afternoon to evening, the first day was so sunny, I forgot my sun lotion, at the end of the day I got such a strong suntan that even my friend was so surprised seeing me later in Lugano.

Saanen, another village, between Rougemont and Gstaad, when I walked along the main road in Gstaad, I can easily reach Saanen just in few minutes and it quickly brings me back to the nature – the green valleys, the farmhouses, some very old dated back to 18th century…the perfect country life style!

088c8-gstaad_1Beautiful sunshine in the morning in Saanen and a jewel of chalet…

123b9-gstaad_5The farmhouses, the green valleys, the pure mountain air… just my dream! 

72aa6-gstaad_4According to my Swiss friend, these cows are contributing to maintain the green…

I was surprise as at first all cows standing all over the place but just in few minutes when they probably saw me…all came right behind me…all in one line, like they either welcome me to their hometown or probably wait for me to feed them!


Living in Switzerland, people supposed to speak four  official languages: English, French, German, Italy…and my Swiss friend, who lives in Lugano said, we still speak Roman! In Rougemont, only 10′ by train away from Gstaad, is speaking French village, but Gstaad – German! I love this diversity!

(*) It was in 2015, maybe I need some updated figures! 

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