The Wall of Fame in Stockholm

I love the street art, the street performers, the good ones! I admire their talent, their love to what they do and to the public. I keep wondering what would be the next for them, these street artists, where do they go, where do they perform in the future. After my long journey up to the Northern Sweden, and back to Stockholm for two weeks. One of those things I need to do is to explore the famous playground for graffiti artists in Stockholm.

Exit from the station Rågsved, turn left and cross this park…
the walk across the park, small street and small woods…the graffiti is visible now from far

Industrial, run-down and off-the-beaten-path are just some words that I would use to describe the Snösätra Graffiti Exhibit, before it became what it is today – The Wall of Fame. Located south of Stockholm in the suburb of Rågsved, in 2014, the owners of the property allowed graffiti artists, not only in Sweden but from around the world, to come and paint over the old walls on the property and by doing so Snösätra became one of the largest graffiti exhibitions in all of Europe.

the wall of fame – the largest graffiti exhibition in all of Europe

Typical weather in the first winter days – gray sky, cold, windy and rain from time to time…I take a metro to station Rågsved, take a left turn from the only one exit at this station, go across the park until the end, cross the small street and…I need to ask for the direction to Snösätra graffiti place. Most people I ask they know, it takes around 15 – 20 minutes to walk to get there.

The graffiti turned the whole run-down area into a colorful playground 


Here are some of artworks along the Wall of Fame. I’m probably the early bird on that morning, I walk along the street and admire different artworks, very colorful, very creative on both sides of the street in this long-time-forgotten and run-down industrial area in southern Stockholm. Enjoy!







The warehouse before, back to 2007, and after 2014! The container still there if you notice…







I found a big playground with gate, during summer the music event was probably held here…

In the past, in summer, an event called Spring Beat was hosted at Snösätra, probably in this place, which help kick off the new year of murals on-site. Spring Beat had live music, DJs and live painting so individuals could see some of the artwork while it was being created.




This 3-D painting is simply amazing!

I do enjoy my morning walk in this area, when I left the Wall of Fame, more visitors come but also about to rain so I’m hurry back to the station, if not I may spend some more time in this area!


More visitors come when I’m leaving…



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