Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg (Part 1)

Hamburg is the only city, in my recent trip to Nordic countries, where I spent only for one night and I do feel regret for it! I wished I would have stayed in Hamburg much longer!

Miniatur Wunderland located in the far left part of this building.

The boutique hotel I booked very close to the Hamburg main train station. It’s quite nice. So, one night in Hamburg and I’m not into the night scenes because of my early departure next morning to Copenhagen, I decided to visit one of the most popular spots in Hamburg – the Miniatur Wunderland!

Don’t miss the number on your ticket if miss it, you may need to buy a new one!

Exit from station Baumwall on the subway’s yellow line, I walk a little bit, the Miniatur Wunderland located along side with the river Elbe, in the Speicherstadt area, which is a historical warehouse district in the heart of Hamburg. When I bought a ticket at the entrance, I was asked to wait for 30′ until I see my waiting number on the screen in the waiting room, then I can go to the entrance.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome

To be honest, when I arrived to this Wunderland, I feel quite hungry but instead of those snacks with coffee or even sausage with mashed potato  served in the waiting room, I prefer a good dinner outside but to my surprise, I stayed in Wunderland nearly three hours, I only left when no longer bear my hunger! Every display here amazed me very much! Italy and Venice are probably ones of most attractive displays, besides Knuffigen Airport (in my second part of this post)

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican

Since the Vatican didn’t want to share their blueprints so the model builders had to get creative and reconstruct the building from thousands of pictures. It took 6 months to draw a CAD model on the computer and roughly nearly 2 years to assemble this miniature masterpiece from an estimated 22,000 single pieces.


Every single figure like a living soul, their gesture, their clothes…so detailed!
Suddenly the light is dimmer, time for the night!
Ponte Sant’Angelo

Let’s go to Venice and enjoy the beautiful City of Water with only 9m² and explore not only the famous touristic spots but also some narrow crooked alleys, small courtyards depicting the true Venetian life and culture!

Rialto Bridge
Doge’s Palace
If look closely we see every figure like a living person with different gesture…
The entire Venice on display…206 buildings, 26 bridges…
3000 figures, 150 gondolas…and 35,000 hours for construction
Routine life in Venice in some small corner, apart from crowded touristic spots
when the light is dimmer, time for the evening in Venice

Italy is rich in beautiful landscapes, buildings and villages. It should be a tough decisions, for Miniatur Wunderland, which to reproduce on small area of 190 m² and which to leave out. Finally South Italy with the Amalfi coast is one of 5 selected regions: South Tyrol, Rome, Tuscany and Liguria. Four years of hard work, with an unprecedented love and devotion to details. It’s worth taking a closer look!

Amalfi Coast in South Italy
and at night…

Time to say good bye to Italy in this miniature world, I will come back with my second part, where you will see another huge display, Knuffigen Airport, with aircrafts landing and taking off every 15 minutes on a beautiful runway. The project took them 6 years to complete and cost 4 millions Euros.

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