Almond coffee roll cake filled with caramel butter cream and pralin

I love Swiss cake for certain reasons: firstly the taste, the texture of the cake, secondly it’s easy to share, to carry but to me quite important – I can play with my imagination about the fillings for Swiss roll. Whatever I like, I actually can create it with roll cake. Last time I did share Swiss roll cake filled with mascarpone and pineapple jam, today I’m sharing how to make Swiss almond coffee roll cake filled with caramel-butter cream and pralin.

Step  1  Preparation for almond sponge cake with coffee flavor  

  • Eggs  6 pcs
  • Ground almond  120 gr.
  • Sugar   70-80 gr (up to your taste)
  • All purpose flour  50 gr.
  • Instant coffee Davidoff  4gr (up to your taste)
  • Warm water 10ml

Dissolve the instant coffee with warm water (or milk) Mix ground almond together with flour. In the bowl of your electric mixer, fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the sugar and eggs, slightly add the coffee (the mixture of Davidoff with warm milk), until smooth and creamy, the batter looks pale yellow or almost white (about 3-4 minutes).

Six eggs and sugar, you can add sugar gradually during the egg beating
It would take 4 to 5 minutes to get this pale yellow but be careful don’t over beat!
Add the mixture of ground almond and flour in three additions, delicately mix with the batter

The batter is very fluffy, add the ground almond and flour mixture in three additions, mix gently with spatula, make sure the mixture is well mixed with egg batter. Then pour the mixture on the baking tray covered with parchment sheet (30 cm x 40 cm), spreading evenly with spatula and bake it at 200ºC  about 10 minutes until golden brown.

Use thumb to clean up the edges – it helps to sharpen edges after baking as below
The almond sponge cake with beautiful coffee flavor

Step  2  Preparation for caramel butter cream 

  • Brown sugar  100 gr
  • Butter (lightly salted)   200 gr.
  • Whipping cream 40 ml
  • Warm water 10 ml
  • Pralin Vahiné (optional) 20 gr

Make caramel with sugar, when sugar turns into dark yellow-brown color, add warm water and whipping cream while the casserole off stove, when it cooling down then mix well with softened butter. Keep the caramel in the fridge. I used the light-salted butter as it’s better for the caramel taste.

Caramel butter cream
Spread evenly the butter cream on the sponge cake
Add some pralin on top of butter cream

Pralin is the mixture of grounded caramelized almond and hazelnut, it’s flavorful, a bit sweet because it’s caramelized, I use the brand VaHiné, I always add pralin in my different cake creations. By adding it to the cake, it gives a nice flavor and pleasantly crisp.

Pralin – the mixture of grounded caramelized almond and hazelnut. For coffee flavor I use instant coffee Davidoff.

Now time to roll the cake by using the parchment paper. Some people prefer to beat the egg yolks and egg whites separately as it seems to produce an elastic sponge cake that allows the cake to be rolled without cracking, but I have no problem to beat egg yolk and white yolk all together and when I roll it – no any cracks. Anyway we could try both techniques.

Easy to roll without any cracks
The Almond – Coffee Swiss Roll filled with caramel butter cream and pralin


As I said earlier I love Swiss cake as it’s easy to share, to carry without a box, just a small paper bag, besides I could create different fillings and at the end I will select my most favorites and this one could be one of my favorites so far thanks to the almond and coffee flavor, thanks to the caramel butter cream, lightly salted together with pleasantly crisp of caramelized almond and hazelnut. Serve with tea or even expresso, it’s heavenly good!

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    1. Hi, it’s ground almond, more precisely! Not really powder! I used not blanched one, one still with brown outer skin! The cake is very delicious! Hope you can give it a try! Cheers

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