Sourdough “hotdog”

These days during the pandemic – it’s almost impossible for me to find my favorite brand of dry yeast so I rely on sourdough starter only. To be honest, I’m so happy with what I got with sourdough – from pizza  to “hot dogs” or cinnamon “donut”, and even the croissant. During the preparation of these stuffs I learn a lot about the sourdough starter, hope it will help me to improve my skill with this natural yeast!

Sourdough “hotdog” for our road trip to the highland last week

Preparation for “hotdog” starter 

  1. Sourdough starter  65 gr.
  2. Water  65 ml.
  3. Bread flour  65 gr.

Mix all together and leave it at the room temperature (25-30oC) for at least 12 hours.

Sourdough starter after almost 12 hours at room temperature

Preparation for the hotdog dough with sourdough starter 

  1. Bread flour  530 gr.
  2. Milk  280 ml.
  3. Salt  10 gr.
  4. Sugar  50 gr.
  5. Butter  100 gr.
  6. Egg  100 gr. (2 pcs)
  7. Sourdough starter  195 gr.
Mix all together : starter, bread flour, salt, sugar, eggs…
and add milk
knead all together for few minutes and add the butter
Leave the dough at the room temperature for at least 2 hours with two folds
After overnight in the fridge

After a night in the fridge, take the dough out, roll it out and cut into small  pieces (about 70 gr. per each) and roll it out again into small square, fill it with cheese and sausage…

Fill with cheese and sausage
Cover and seal it carefully
Do the egg wash and leave it at room temperature for at least 2 hours
After more than 2 hours …time to bake
and here you go…my first sourdough “hotdog”
Oops seal was not tight enough but it looks yummy
Sausage when it baked becomes a bit longer, bigger !  Superb!

With this sourdough dough recipe I’m still preparing the cinnamon rolls and…it’s so good! It’s moisture, soft and flavorful.

The filling is simple mixture of butter, cinnamon powder and brown sugar
The cinnamon rolls is my friend’s favorite as it’s super moisture and soft!

I’m so excited when I don’t need the dry yeast anymore, I just keep my sourdough starter in the fridge, feed it once in a week. Whenever I need to bake, take it out from the fridge one or two days earlier, feed it and it’s ready for me to prepare anything next day! Now I’m going to try the croissant with sourdough, hope to share with you in my next post! Cheers!

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