Christmas log or BÛCHE DE NOËL

As tradition we are always buying a Christmas log for this year end holiday. Here, in Saigon, we call it “Bûche de Noël”. Today I’m sharing the recipe how to create one of the most beautiful logs by using the silicon mold from Silikomart, an Italian company.


Step  1  Preparation for Biscuit Joconde (almond sponge cake) & sirop 

  • Eggs  200 gr.
  • Almond powder  100-140 gr.
  • Sugar   80-120 gr. (up to your sweet taste) I added only 80 gr.
  • Pastry flour  40 gr.
  • Butter  30 gr.
  • White yolk   120 gr.
  • Sugar  for white yolk   40 gr.

Mix almond powder together with flour, sugar then egg and melted butter. Mix well. Beat the white yolk, then add gradually sugar. Add 1/3 of white yolk to the egg mixture, mix well then all to the rest of the beaten white yolk. Bake at 220°C for 10-12 minutes.


Step 2  Preparation for the entremet (inside the cake)

  • Whipping cream  100 ml
  • White chocolate  50 gr
  • Coffee extract  5 ml
  • Vanilla extract  5 ml
  • Gelatine leaf   1,5 leaves (3 gr)
  • Whipped cream  200 ml
  • Sugar  50 gr

Melt white chocolate together with whipping cream au bain marie then add coffee extract, vanilla extract and dehydrated in cold water. Let’s it cool down and mix with whipped cream. Use the smaller log mold for this entre-met and keep it in the fridge overnight.


Step  3  Preparation for  the dark chocolate mousse 

  • Whipping cream  150 ml
  • Dark chocolate  80 gr
  • Rhum liquor 10 ml  (optional)
  • Gelatine  2 leaves  (4 gr)
  • Whipped cream  200 ml

Melt the dark chocolate together with whipping cream au bain marie then add liquor to enhance the flavor but it’s optional. Wait until the mixture cooling down then nicely mix with whipped cream.

Step 4  Montage 

Put some dark chocolate mousse cake into the big mold, wait until it sets then carefully insert the smaller log (coffee one) right in the center. Better leave it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes then continue with the rest of dark chocolate mousse. The Joconde biscuit is the last one on the top. Leave the whole cake in the fridge until next day.


It’s my first time to use this mold, I’m quite happy with the result when the cake came out from the mold. It looks beautiful and quite unique. I will definitely try this silicon mold cake again with the other recipe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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