Matcha-Panda leaves-Vanilla almond sponge cake

These days I didn’t make many cakes as before, partly I’m busy with moving the content from my old blog to this blog, partly  I keep doing only the same cakes at my baking studio at home with my apprentices, but mostly baking breads! So, I’m happy to be back with my new creation – the flavorful almond sponge cake with three different flavors combined: matcha, vanilla and panda leaves.


Step 1   Preparation for almond matcha sponge cake 

  • Egg  6 pcs ( please reserve 120-150 gr egg whites from these eggs) 
  • Sugar 30 gr
  • Ground almond  100 gr
  • All purpose flour  40 gr
  • Green tea powder  10 up to 15 gr
  • White yolk  120-150 gr from the above 6 eggs
  • Sugar for white yolks  40-50 gr

Beat well six eggs with sugar. Mix well all dry ingredients (almond powder, green tea and flour). Beat well the white yolk then add gradually sugar.  First mix the egg with beaten white yolk gradually, then add the dry ingredients.

Beat well the egg whites with sugar until it forms stiff peaks, the same with the other 6 eggs
then add the dry ingredients, nicely mix all together

I baked the cake on two trays (32 cm x 44 cm) at 200ºC for around 10-12 minutes. We need three layers of cake.

Matcha almond sponge cake – super thin

Step 2   Preparation for panda leave cream with white chocolate 

  • Whipping cream 250 ml
  • Panda leaves extract  150 ml (fresh homemade)
  • Green tea  15 gr
  • White chocolate 100-150 gr
  • Vanilla 4 gr
  • Gelatine  7gr
  • Whipped cream  250 ml

Mix well the green tea with panda leave extact before add to the whipping cream, then heating the mixture of whipping cream and panda leaves extract au bain-marie. Add  white chocolate until all melted then add dehydrated gelatine. Whip the cream and mix gradually with the egg mixture.


whipped cream to be mixed with the mixture of panda leave, matcha…as photo on top

Step 3   Preparation for panda leaves ganache 

  • Panda leaves extract  150 ml (fresh homemade)
  • Whipping cream 150 ml
  • White chocolate  50 gr
  • Gelatine  4 gr

Heating the extract with whipping cream au bain-marie then add the white chocolate and dehydrated gelatine. If we prefer the ganache – full of either matcha or panda leaves flavors we can reduce whipping cream to 100 ml and add more 50 ml of panda / matcha.


Step 4   Montage 

This time as I’m using a big rectangular mold (25 cm x 19 cm) so I divide almond sponge cake into 3 thin layers. First layer goes first then the green tea crème, we keep in the fridge for 15 minutes before adding the 2nd layer and another crème again..and back to fridge. Repeat the same process with the last layer. On the top do cover with the ganache nicely and top with the best green tea powder that you may have. It will enhance a lot the matcha flavor.

The cake is super moisture, the sweetness comes from white chocolate so if we have a very good ones, it’s a big plus, it definitely makes the cake taste beautifully. Now enjoy cake with a cup of good tea!


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