Fairytale forest – Hallerbos

On the way to Amsterdam, I decided to stop at Halle for a half day to visit the bluebells forest that attracts a lot of people every year, from all over the globe. Since long Hallerbos is well-known as one of  the hotspots in Belgium. Every year, the floor in this forest is covered with a thick carpet of bluebells, it turns the woodlands into a fairytale world, like a dreamland for everyone – to live beautifully, to breath the freshness of the grass, the young leaves, the flowers, the air, to admire the beauty of the Mother Nature.

The walking road to the bluebells forest
but don’t forget to follow the sign
before the forest you may find some lovely coffee-restaurants
I feel excited seeing the first bluebells from far

Hallerbos is in Halle, only 10-15 minutes by train from Brussels, then from Halle station, either walk or bus or bicycle to Hallerbos. The bus station is right at the station entrance, Bus No 155 and 156 ( for week-end and holidays) or bus No 144 (weekdays) will take you to Hallerbos in 15-20 minutes and another 20 minutes walk to the forest entrance!


If you want to bike, there is bike point – Blue bikes,  right at the Halle station entrance, with automatic key distributor, from the railway station in Halle to the Hallerbos is 4.9 km, map with the bicycle route provided at the station of Halle.

Riding in the forest is definitely nice as the area is simply huge
Riding horse is also possible in the forest, only not on the grass and flowers
but somewhere – no horse, no bike but guided dogs and no drones!

At the bus station, I met a couple from Australia, after a quick conversation, they kindly asked me to join so for the whole morning I had a nice company until we said good-bye in the train station in Brussels, I continued my journey to Amsterdam! During the walk, I realized the husband has lived in Vietnam for sometime, back to 1990s for some his company’s projects.

the further we go the more bluebells we found


Actually I came to Hallerbos quite early, mid of April, the best bloom of bluebells -by the end of April to early May, but anyway when I first saw the bluebells field from far, hidden behind the trees, in the grass, my reaction was “wow”, going further, I turn right, turn left, from one surprise to another, because as deeper into the woods, more flowers, like endless, unreachable as it’s far from the waking paths…

Bluebells everywhere
the blooming time for bluebells from mid April to early May
Bluebell Avenue
This photo taken by a professional photographer Christophe Van Biesen 

Hallerbos is surely a famous site, attracts a lot of people who love the nature in early Spring but also those people who would like to capture the beauty of the forest, so some photographers organize even the workshop, the photography tour to Hallerbos, you can click here for more details about the workshop with professionals.


My first time in Hallerbos and with the time limit so I didn’t have much time to discover other places with more bluebells, or no idea where more photogenic, I just wander along the paths in the forest, follow the crowd and enjoy my walk.

You are not allowed to picnic in the forest – as many places designed for that in the park nearby
You can get the hiking map from Hallerbos website

You can get many informations from the official Hallerbos website, from the flowering season, the hiking map, the forest museum, the history…Hallerbos is considered as the young forest because it was reforested back to 1930-1950, during the World War I, all big trees has been felled, the whole forest has been ruined by the fascists.

The best bluebells blooming in spring from mid of April to May
The muguet or lilies of the valley in early bloom 
Me and the bluebells

I have a good time in Hallerbos, I did enjoy my walk in the forest, the bluebells keep my mind busy so I didn’t realized the Hallerbos not like many forests in France, with big trees. Hallerbos was reforested in the period from 1930 to 1950, so as forest, Hallerbos is still young, maybe in some other parts – older trees!


I brought with me some snack, sharing with a lovely couple from Australia, Christine and Greg, later we catch the bus back to the station of Halle o, from there we went back to Brussels Central station, I continued my journey to Amsterdam, the couple stayed for few days more in the capital of Belgium, then heading to UK for another long hiking, we did exchange some photos, news later by email. Will I come back to Hallerbos? Yes, but next time will be in autumn!


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